Spanish Sensation – Tinto de Verano

It only took two weeks living in Spain to be introduced to Tinto de Verano. This is a wine-based summer, though they drink it all year, drink. Very similar to SangrĂ­a but less complicated to make based on the ingredients and actually has less of a % of alcohol in it. I had never heard […]

Land of Juices…

Last weekend I had a very interesting experience in wine tasting. Normally, when you think about going wine tasting they tell you about the grapes, where they were grown, aging process, winemakers techniques, etc. This time I visited four wineries that all of the wineries ONLY purchased juices. Now, this is not my first experience […]

The Grape of Virginia?

Since coming back to Virginia for a long visit I’ve been able to visit some of my old stomping grounds again! This is where I visited my FIRST winery, way before I was ever in the wine industry or before I knew that there were more than like six varietals of grapes…oh you poor naive […]

4 Top Wineries to Visit in Napa Valley California

These are based from personal experience and the highest rated wineries in the Valley Napa Valley is one of the most well-known regions in the United States for its wine and wine production. As you drive along the narrow, single lane, roadways that lead you up the valley that holds some of the most renowned […]

Tasting Alaskan Wines!

Oh yes, you read that right – wine tasting in Alaska! Believe it or not, there are a few wineries in Alaska but they aren’t the traditional wines or wineries. These wines have a grape wine base but are blended with blueberries, blackberries, strawberry and rhubarb, mixed berries, peach and apricot and more! How do […]

Customer Service At It’s Finest!

WOW! I just have to say WOW! I have been working in the service or customer industry since I was 16 and during that time I have never seen such amazing customer service as what I experienced yesterday. Last year, during Memorial Day weekend, I visited a quaint little winery who had just opened their […]

“I’m In The Wine Industry”…

It is the funniest thing when you are trying to explain to a medical professional that the reason why your alcohol intake is higher on their sliding scale is that you work in the wine industry. I joke with people a lot that I “drink for a living” but in a very small way that […]

A Bottle To Save…A Bottle To Share

Hello my fellow winos! Have you ever gone to the grocery store or visited a winery and tasting a wine that was SO good that you bought two bottles? A bottle to share and a bottle to save? As I am going through my wine library and thinking about what I want to share with […]