It only took two weeks living in Spain to be introduced to Tinto de Verano. This is a wine-based summer, though they drink it all year, drink. Very similar to Sangría but less complicated to make based on the ingredients and actually has less of a % of alcohol in it.

I had never heard of Tinto before I arrived in Rota. Everyone knows about Sangria, but sangria is drunk here less than you’d think. It is made up for large gatherings and parties. Whereas Tinto is made up every day and happily sipped during Siesta.

Tinto de Verano is CRAZY cheap to get at bars or to buy in liter bottles at the store. Last week I bought a glass at a bar and it was 0,75 euro and I bought two bottles at the store yesterday and it was 1,50 euro per liter bottle!!!

The name of the drink means summer red wine – from vino Tinto = red wine – as it is a fruity mix of red wine and ‘gaseosa’ (carbonated lemonade) which is primarily consumed during the hot summer months. For the hot summers that they have here in Spain, I can see why they would have created this drink – they can still enjoy their red wines without dealing with the heaviness of the drink.

There are two main types of soda used for the drink – ‘Casera’, a popular clear lemon soda from Spain or the light-yellow Fanta Lemon. While the one with Caserta (or a similar lemonade like Sprite or 7UP) is rather clear with a more crisp taste, the Fanta version has a more smooth and fruity flavor. But honestly, you can use any fruity soda to mix it if you are feeling brave.

In Spain, you can find Tinto de Verano in every bar, cafe (well almost every cafe) and restaurant where they mix it up one glass at a time. Then there is the “supermercado” version of the drink. Kind of like wine in a can – it is the simple version of a bottle. However, as they often contain artificial sweeteners so, it tends to taste better if you make it up from scratch.

And of course, you don’t have to be in Spain to try it for yourself! Here is our super simple recipe: Tinto de Verano


  • red wine (preferably Spanish wine, if available)
  • lemon soda
  • lemon (garnish)
  • ice cubes


  1. Place a few ice cubes in a big glass
  2. Fill the glass halfway with wine
  3. Top it up with lemon soda
  4. Garnish with a slice of lemon

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