Hello lushy vino lovers!

Well, as some of you may know, we have recently (and by recently I mean last week) moved to Spain! Now that we are finally getting an idea of where we are going to live I wanted to start to see what wineries I was going to be around, types of wine, and all of this information could have been found in my beautiful wine bibles I have but those are still in boxes.

I am using, of course, Google to get me going to see what is around my new town and the surrounding areas. I am used to driving many hours for just a simple wine tasting – so being SURROUNDED by wineries is beyond exciting for me! I mean in Rota they have a round about circle that has an old wine press and wine vines grown in the round about! This is clearly wine country.

But more than that, it is OLD wine country. I am near areas that have been growing and producing wines for hundreds of years! One winery I have on my list is older than the United States (when it was official). That blows my mind! I thought visiting a winery that was more than 50 years old was amazing, America can’t old a candle to this history.

This is going to be a quick blurb blog because I haven’t had the time to taste much wines (at the wineries – had lots of Spanish wines with dinner) but I am excited to learn more about this area and the hundreds of wine regions that surround me on all sides of Spain

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