Last weekend I had a very interesting experience in wine tasting.

Normally, when you think about going wine tasting they tell you about the grapes, where they were grown, aging process, winemakers techniques, etc. This time I visited four wineries that all of the wineries ONLY purchased juices.

Now, this is not my first experience with tasting wines at a winery that they buy juices to make the wine. But it isn’t normal…20190831_134726.jpg

We visited North Carolina last weekend and as we were visiting with family and friends I went out wine tasting like I do, and all the wineries I visited they told me they ONLY purchased the juices to make their wine.

This is because the main grape grown in North Carolina is Muscadine: Muscadine is a species of grape called Vitis rotundifolia which is native to the Southeastern United States. There are several different cultivars of Muscadine grapes that range in color from green to black and typically have large berries (sometimes as big as a golf ball).20190831_125235.jpg

There were only a few wineries that actually grew their own grapes but were still limited to the grape varietals that grow well in the Southern East Coast, one of which is Muscadine.

This was such an odd experience for me but one that taught me a lot…which isn’t that what this is all about?


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