These are based from personal experience and the highest rated wineries in the Valley

Napa Valley is one of the most well-known regions in the United States for its wine and wine production. As you drive along the narrow, single lane, roadways that lead you up the valley that holds some of the most renowned wine countries in the United States you can almost smell the wine fermenting in the air mixed with the smell of sweet lavender lingering in the warm summer air.

There are nearly hundreds of wineries, vineyards and wine shops/co-ops you can visit during your stay but some of the best locations to visit have been scouted out for you!

  • Castello di Amorosapah_8727.jpg

This is the number one attraction in Napa Valley for not only wine enthusiasts but also anyone who wants to see a modern built, 13th century styled Italian castle. Made with ancient techniques of building methods and materials this castle is fun for the whole family to visit, making your entrance up a set of heavy stairs you cross a moat (yes this is a real moat) that will be lead across a draw bridge before you enter the massive wooden doors with cast iron spikes. Guided tours will take you through cool wine cellars in the deep catacombs of the castle, there are seven floors to explore and that doesn’t even include the ramparts of the city walls. And all of that is before you have tasted the wine! The wine that is produced at the Castello di Amorosa has won countless awards around the world for being “Best in Class” within their perspective genres. This location is great to visit for a romantic weekend or for the whole family to come to visit.

  • Saintsbury Winerypah_8684

This winery might be small but the wine and service alone will make it stand out among the crowd. This locally owned and operated winery is known for its large selection of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties. Taking pride in their small production but the large family-friendly atmosphere you will be greeted with a smile and probably one of the winery dogs running around the grounds, don’t worry they are very friendly – all they want is for you to throw the ball for them. What makes their tasting room so unique is the removal of the four walls, their entire tasting room is set outside laid out between their gardens. The entire layout is wide open yet still feels very intimate when you are sitting at your table enjoying your wine and breadsticks.

  • Starmount Winerypah_8778

This winery is also known for its boutique style of winemaking, small amounts but with a lot of personalities. This winery lands in the region of Pinot wines in the Napa Valley, specializing with an emphasis in red wines this winery almost feels like a spa when you are sitting out in the sun with the large couches and chairs for their outdoor furniture with white pillows and bright orange sun umbrellas you can rest your feet and weary minds from the road and relax with the tranquil fountain trickling in the square of the winery tasting room. This isn’t a winery you will want to miss visiting while you are roaming about the Napa Valley region.

  • Opus One Winerypah_8689

If you are looking for modern and magnificent in a single location, Opus One Winery should be at the top of your list. Blending Renaissance interior design with modern architecture surrounded by grapes and vines as far as the eye can see this winery understands what it means to be in the customer service business. Greeted by a concierge from the moment you walk through the door you will never find yourself in want without someone coming by to ensure you and your guests are taken care of during your entire stay. High end and high class.

Alaskan Wino Pouring More Wine Later!

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