Oh yes, you read that right – wine tasting in Alaska!

Believe it or not, there are a few wineries in Alaska but they aren’t the traditional wines or wineries. These wines have a grape wine base but are blended with blueberries, blackberries, strawberry and rhubarb, mixed berries, peach and apricot and more! 20190624_1917241604652859529936498.jpg

How do they do it? Juices! The wine they blend the fruit with is ordered and then all the fruits that are also fermented with the wines are grown on the land in Homer, down on the coastline near Anchorage.

As we were tasting through the line up I noticed that the sweeter combinations are the best wines in the lineup and the wines that were supposed to be more like chardonnay or pinot noir were more acidic and had a Bactine aftertaste (which normally means that the wine has gone bad). I would say that it could taste like that because it was improperly stored but I did notice that even the wines that we bought new still tasted like that – so I am wondering if it is because of improper aging at the winery. All speculation of course – but I normally don’t like lots of sweet wines but many of those were surprisingly delcious! The handcrafted wines combine the tradition of wine with the uniqueness of Alaska.

If you haven’t tried Bear Creek Winery’s wine – you need to! Especially the Strawberry rhubarb…that’s my favorite!

More wine tasting notes to come later


Alaskan Wino

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