WOW! I just have to say WOW!

I have been working in the service or customer industry since I was 16 and during that time I have never seen such amazing customer service as what I experienced yesterday.

Last year, during Memorial Day weekend, I visited a quaint little winery who had just opened their second tasting room on the main street in Walla Walla. The Armstrong Family Winery has since then been one of my favorite Washington wineries to visit anytime I’m in the area or whenever I can convince someone to pick up a bottle for me when they are there. It was their bottle of “Angel Wings” that started my journey into loving and being more open-minded to white wines when before I was “strictly red”…at least the bottles I was taking home with me. I rarely, if ever, bought white wines for myself, I would normally stock up when I have a family member or friend coming over who I know prefers whites to reds.

Well, a few months ago when I and few of my girls went to Walla Walla for a girls weekend I made sure they were the first winery we visited for the weekend. The one bottle I brought home with me was a bottle of their 2015 Scotsman Syrah. I shared this bottle with a friend who shares the family name and once the last drop was poured I realized how sad I was that the bottle was gone!

I emailed one of the owners, Jennifer, to order some more and have it sent to my in-law’s house in Illinois so it could be there for my arrival. I ordered two bottles (like I shared in a previous blog post) one to share and one to save. When we arrived in Illinois I saw that the box hadn’t arrived yet…curious? So I emailed Jennifer again to figure out what had happened since shortly after ordering it I received the email saying it was being shipped.

She was ON IT! Not only did she reply quickly but she also made sure to overnight the box to me so I would have it before I go to Alaska.

When the box arrived yesterday not only did it arrive exactly when it was supposed too but she had sent me SIX BOTTLES instead of just the two I had ordered!!!! This is impressive! I don’t care what industry you are in, that is how you make up for a mishap! This showed me that not only where they apologetic with the confusion but that they valued me as a customer, not because I am in the wine industry, but because they value their customers!

Well done Armstrongs, well done!

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