It is the funniest thing when you are trying to explain to a medical professional that the reason why your alcohol intake is higher on their sliding scale is that you work in the wine industry.

I joke with people a lot that I “drink for a living” but in a very small way that is true. Nearly every aspect of my daily life surrounds the wine industry, whether I am marketing it, doing tours for it or taking personal time to taste.

Well, every few months I have to go get a checkup with the Veterans Affairs or VA and a few days ago I had one of these checkups where the doctor goes through and answers her standard questions, “do you smoke”, “use drugs”, “do you drink, if so how much?” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing because of course according to their sliding scale…I have a problem.

I prefaced my answer by saying that I own two businesses in the wine industry and am going to be going for my Sommelier level one certification – needless to say that the world of wine is something that I live and breathe every single day. So, for the VA’s sliding scale of how many drinks you have a week or a month…Yeah, I don’t even rate on that scale.

I find it really funny when you have to explain what you do for a living to a health care provider…

Wanted to share a funny story with you – I hope that I brighten your Monday!


Alaskan Wino

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