Hello my fellow winos!

Have you ever gone to the grocery store or visited a winery and tasting a wine that was SO good that you bought two bottles? A bottle to share and a bottle to save? As I am going through my wine library and thinking about what I want to share with loved ones before it goes into storage for a while, I started seeing my buying patterns for my wines.

I tend to be a little selfish with the good bottles! I only pull them out when I want to share a story with people who are very special to me, a momentious occasion is happening or I am able to share with someone who will appricate the wine poured from such a special bottle to me. I had said something similar to this on my Facebook page at the beginning of the year and it still resinates as true today as it did then.

Going to a tasting room and picking out your bottles to take home – Photographed at Zebra Winery Walla Walla

Original Facebook post: “I have just realized how “protective” of my non-Fredย  Meyers/Rudy’s wines I am ๐Ÿ˜“. I had an epiphany this evening – when I share my wine it is like sharing my photography art with someone. When you just pop the cork and don’t hear the story behind the wine/winery/vintage that I learned when I personally visited each location it is like when I show someone my photos and they just swipe through without hearing the story behind the photo. Storyteller at its finest right๐Ÿ‘ here ๐Ÿ‘ sometimes the story you learn is about you.”


A perfect example of me doing this is when I went to a release weekend at Telaya Wine Co in Garden City and the released Daniel Vineyard Merlot. This was a very special wine because that vineyard was no longer producing grapes for wine. These bottles were the last of it. I tasted it – loved it and bought two bottles, one to share with my family when they came to visit a few weeks later and one to save for myself.

Now that I am looking over my bottles of wine and trying to minimize to just my “GREATS” I have realized that I have been saving bottles, without even knowing much about wine (at the time), since 2012 because I have been told before that wines last. I have bottles from Williamsburg winery that are all 2012s that I didn’t even know at the time how amazing of a vintage that is/was from the first time I ever did a real wine tasting trip to a winery.

This bottle below was purchased when I knew NOTHING about wine and I opened it years later when I had spent the last three years completely obsessed with learning as much as I can about wine, the making of and the industry around it.

Popping a special bottle

So how many of you do this? Buy a bottle to share and one for the shelves…and sometimes the “ones to share” don’t make it out of the cellar either? Let’s see some digital hands raised! I know I can’t be the only one – but when you do decide to pop the cork, what event or company makes it a “worthy” moment to open such special bottles?


Dauntless Wine Co. in Oregon line up


Just something that is wine related that has been rattling my brain this week. I’d love to hear your comments below.


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